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We can help you find information on US and Canadian phone numbers. By gathering information from multiple sources we can check to see what others are saying about a phone number, give you technical details, and provide you with a Phone Score, letting you know if it's safe to trust that phone number!

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About Us

We are a new website that is using the data at our disposal to rank phone numbers and to document the instances in which these numbers are used for nefarious purposes. Our hope is that through this site, and sites like it, we can work together as a community to reduce the effectiveness of scammers and spammers. This site may be new, but we have useful information and features available. Over the coming months and years, we hope to expand this feature set into a toolset to help fight against the onslaught of bad callers.

The phone lines that have once been an invaluable means of transmitting information have become inundated with these spam and scam calls. Thank you for using this site, thank you for contributing with your comments, thank you for helping to fight the onslaught of bad calls.